How to develop an Employment Equity Plan (7)

intro | 1. Set up project team | 2. Identify EE barriers | 3. Formulate AA measures | 4. Set numerical goals | 5. Compile the EE plan | 6. Consult EE Forum | 7. Ratification process

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5  Compile the Employment Equity plan…

The next section of the plan contains procedures to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan. You have to identify the stakeholders, their role and the frequency of employment equity meetings or reports. Three typical stakeholders are:

  • Employment equity forum – consult on progress and meets quarterly
  • EXCO – Monthly Top Management meetings which include progress reports, such as current employee profile versus numerical targets
  • SEC (Social and Ethics Committee of the company’s Board) – meets quarterly and reviews the sustainability of the company including compliance reports and progress made

Procedures to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan
All the structures for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the plan should be specified with clear roles and responsibilities for the stakeholders involved including the time frames when the monitoring takes place.

Employment Equity Plan Stakeholder, Role/Responsibility , Frequency table

You must also add dispute resolution mechanisms for matters arising from the implementation of the employment equity plan.

Dispute resolution mechanisms
A clear process to be followed to resolve disputes arising from the interpretation and implementation of the EE Plan, including the responsible persons and time-frames for each step to resolve the dispute. Lastly you have to identify the Assigned Senior Manager for employment equity who has overall responsibility for the implementation of the plan and any other matters not covered be the plan format. The CEO then signs off the employment equity plan on behalf of the company.

6  Consult EE Forum

This is a very important compliance issue for the company. A meeting of the employment equity forum should be convened to consult on the draft employment equity plan. The members of the employment equity forum should have the opportunity to review the plan and suggest further refinements or additions.

All issues raised and decisions made at this employment equity forum meeting must be documented completely. You also have to ensure that the agenda makes it clear that this employment equity forum meeting’s purpose is to consult on the draft employment equity plan. There should be a signed register of attendance and a quorum of attendees (as per the employment equity policy and constitution of the employment equity forum). The minutes of this meeting form part of the company’s compliance records and should be archived for at least five years.

7  Ratification process

At this stage you should have a draft employment equity plan based on the barrier analysis and consultation with all relevant stakeholders. If the employment equity forum proposed changes to the plan, you will submit these proposals to the relevant subject matter experts or heads of department – depending on the issues concerned and then finalise the plan.

The CEO is required to sign off the company’s employment equity plan. Usually this process includes a presentation to the company’s EXCO (meeting of Top Management executives) and if they have consensus, the plan is signed off. Be sure to consult with Top Management executives individually on the aspects of the employment equity plan that concerns their area of responsibility before the EXCO meeting.

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