How to conduct an Employment Equity Barrier Analysis (3)

4.3  Workforce profile analysis

Below is a typical workforce profile analysis which highlights the under-representation of designated employees in the workforce profile. The ‘ruler’ which measures under-representation is the National Economically Active Population (EAP). You may use National or Provincial EAP profiles, depending on the geographical spread of your company’s workplaces. The EAP is published by Statistics South Africa on a quarterly basis and is based on the census data.

The Commission for Employment Equity publish a set of EAP figures annually in their progress report and this is generally used by labour inspectors and companies for the workforce profile analysis.

The Commission for Employment Equity EAP figures

We can see from this example that Indian employees have a very low representation in this company as well as African females at all levels.

The workshop participants should now scrutinize the data collect on policies, procedures and practices to find reasons for this under-representation in the organisation.

Form to fill in findings from EAP figures

In addition to this ‘helicopter view’ of the under-representation in the workforce profile, each occupational level should be scrutinized as per the format prescribed in form EEA 12 on the barrier analysis. The workshop participants can propose strategies to address the under-representation.

5.  Report

The outcome of the workshop by the project team and members of the employment equity forum is document and used to complete form EEA 12 of the Regulations.

This document is required for compliance purposes (inspections and DG Reviews). The barrier analysis and workshop results may include a lot of additional data which were recorded as part of the process. This information should be documented and filed together with the completed form EEA 12. All employment equity data should be retained for at least five years.

6.  Consult EE Forum

This is a very important compliance issue for the company. A meeting of the employment equity forum should be convened to consult on the barrier analysis. The members of the employment equity forum should have the opportunity to review the results and suggest further refinement of the issues, any issues which were left out of the final report and any additional analysis which may need to be done in order to complete the barrier analysis.

All issues raised and decisions made at this employment equity forum meeting must be documented completely. You also have to ensure that the agenda makes it clear that this employment equity forum meeting’s purpose is to consult on the barrier analysis. There should be a signed register of attendance and a quorum of attendees (as per the employment equity policy and constitution of the employment equity forum). The minutes of this meeting form part of the company’s compliance records and should be archived for at least five years.

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